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SWIFT - Related Consulting Services

With thirteen years of consulting experience in the field of SWIFT services within many Banks' SWIFT environment, more then ten satisfied customers, Ideal Information Services consultants provide their services in support of customer's initiatives. Ideal Information Services provides a consultancy program for a customer’s SWIFT environment. Through a defined number of consultancy days, our services can be tailored to meet each customer’s needs.

We can offer broad range of services, including:

    SWIFT Oriented business consultancy and resilience services
Consultancy implementing payment business solutions, Target2 and SEPA Consultancy to choose the best solution
for your
SWIFT platforms (i.e. Hardware platform, SWIFT interface, connectivity type, resilience type)
Consultancy in order to integrate the SWIFT platform with your back-office applications
Consultancy services in order to fill in all SWIFT forms
Consultancy in order to help you choose the best resilience solution
Consultancy regarding Disaster Recovery
One minute delayed replication for SAA live messages between the production and the contingency systems,
using Ideal Information Services' special batch.

    Installation and configuration of Alliance-based SWIFT systems
Assistance services to fill in all SWIFT application forms
Ideal Information Services consulting department has thirteen years of experience and has built over twenty Alliance-based SWIFT messaging systems in
Turkey and abroad. As we worked with banks, we have learned how to customize SWIFT messaging system to meet the needs of every customer.
We perform all installation services for SWIFT interfaces SwiftAlliance Access/Entry (SAA/SAE) on Windows platforms:
  SWIFTNet Link (SNL)
  HSM installation and configuration services for HSM Box and HSM Token
  SWIFTAlliance Gateway (SAG)
  SWIFTAlliance Web Platform (SAWP)
  SWIFTAlliance Relationship Management (RMA)
  SWIFT Online Operations Manager (O2M)
  Alliance Connectivity Packs, New VPN Enrollment

    Upgrades and migrations of Alliance interfaces
SAE/SAA, SAG re-license
We have performed lots of upgrades of Alliance interfaces on Windows platforms. SWIFTNet (SNL, SAE/SAA, SAG, SAWP, RMA) release upgrades
Also, we have successfully worked on number of migrations from non-Alliance to Alliance interfaces, (like IBM Merva to SWIFTAlliance).
Project management. We have experience to manage several cross-platform migrations of Alliance interfaces, mainly moving AIX or UNIX-based
systems to Windows
Replace the current BIC destination with a new one
New VPN enrollment for connectivity upgrade packs

    Continuous support and consultancy services

We see that as SWIFT systems become more complex, with more frequent changes, banks are finding very difficult to provide skilled, in-house support for it. This is why many banks have recognized the value of our continuous support and consultancy services. These services include both on-site and phone support, and it covers problem resolutions, system configuration changes, system upgrades and continuous education.

SWIFT business audit and operational risk evaluation: system access, message quality, system messages and events supervision, data handling procedure, resilience, version management.

Support services:

Monthly preventive system care services
Rapid solution for blocking problems
On-site assistance on request

Implementation of SWIFTNet connectivity solutions:
We have provided support in number of cases when a complex connectivity solution was needed. This includes situations where a site needs to have more than one connection to SWIFT network, either for backup purposes, or because there is a need to balance services across different network connections.

Integration of ADK components into Alliance Access system:
Ideal Information Services consulting department has helped a number of customers to implement various ADK enhancements of their Alliance Access systems.

Backup strategies:
Our experience and large customer base has been giving us confidence in the implementation of backup solution for Alliance-based SWIFT systems. Our solution provides a daily backup of SWIFT system. The backup process is controlled by Ideal Information Services’ consultants, and backup solution includes one or more backup servers and one disaster site contingency server.

Implementation of DRS sites:
Ideal Information Services solution for Disaster Site implementation includes independent connection to SWIFT network, daily transfer of backups and one minute delayed message backups from primary site and standard operating procedure for performing regular availability tests.